Wiki Triip

All travel information you need, offline, anywhere.

Travel guide, anywhere in the world

Use Wiki Triip to find information everywhere you travel, from the top of Mount Everest to the deep of the jungle, with or without Internet connection. You are literally having a worldwide travel guide in your pocket.

Mark your journey

Bookmark places that you are traveling to and have them available within one tap from the home screen. The bookmarks also make the home screen a nice one to take a screenshot and share as your itinerary or your wishlist.

Always know your surroundings

The phone knows where you are, and Wiki Triip knows what there are near your place. With Wiki Triip, it has never been easier to discover interesting places around.

Beautiful and easy, too

Text and images in Wiki Triip are beautifully formatted to look best on the phone screen. The navigation is also well thought out, so you have the best reading experience and always find what you want quickly, while traveling.